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bio pic by treeWelcome to Genuine Heart Counseling, LLC, a caring counseling resource for both adults and children. Genuine Heart Counseling serves those in Longmont, CO and surrounding areas by offering support and education for a multitude of life’s challenges. 

I imagine that if you are exploring my website then something is not feeling right. Perhaps it is the sinking hole of depression that seems to be expanding around you or feelings of anxiety that makes nearly everything seem overwhelming or unmanageable. Maybe it’s relationship stuff, or figuring out how to manage a family that keeps changing, or finding support as you cope with divorce or begin blending a family. Maybe it’s your child who seems to be having a challenging time managing strong emotions, taking redirection or is incredibly impulsive, aggressive or withdrawn.


Whatever the reason, I am honored by this opportunity to offer you support. Genuine Heart Counseling, LLC offers a compassionate support system, within a safe and respectful relationship, to help you:office brighter

  • discover new methods for coping
  • explore and express feelings of hurt and anger to gain genuine healing
  • cultivate positive communication skills for stronger relationships
  • reevaluate outdated, ineffective ways of relating, with yourself and with others
  • clarify or reawaken your passions
  • live life based on a stronger connection to your values

Sometimes the initial decision to reach out and ask for help is the most difficult part. Fears around who is going to be the best fit, what it’s going to be like talking with a stranger about difficult things and whether your challenges are going to be too much for someone or maybe going into them is going to be too much for you are questions many people (I am going to take a risk and say all people) experience. Please don’t let your fears, questions and uncertainty get in the way of your intention for change. If you have found yourself limited by overwhelming emotions, perpetually negative thinking, challenging habitual patterns or are having a difficult time creating, managing or maintaining strong, satisfying relationship please call me today.

I offer a
free 15 minute phone conversation to answer questions, dispel some of this initial anxiety and give you a chance to see if we might be a good fit. I also invite you to take a look around my website. It will give you a better sense of my style and therapeutic approach.

Call 970-815-1366 or send an email to to get your questions answered and set up an appointment today.


What is a Genuine Heart approach to counseling?

It is a genuine, heartfelt connection– with yourself and with me, so that you can find your way toward more genuine connection with all people in your life.

It’s about genuine, heartfelt expression– expression that comes from an honest, respectful place in your heart, that is connected with your true values and understands and appreciates the preciousness of the person you are relating with.

It is genuine transformation that comes from curiosity, friendliness, and compassion. It comes from embodying your transformation by exploring how your life, beliefs, decisions, and relationships are affecting you now, not just what it’s like to talk about it.


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