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About Chandra

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Why I practice

I practice psychotherapy because it is the most amazing thing I can think of to do with my life. I love the experience of being there for others as they become more familiar with who they are and more comfortable managing all the facets of what it means to be human. As a therapist I aspire to be present for people in a kind, direct and intentional way, such that both our lives can move in the direction of growth and a more genuine way of being.

For as long as I can remember I have been inspired by being with people and compelled to better understand human behavior and relational dynamics. I find that being alive, and therefore in relationship, is the hardest, most rewarding, scariest, most vulnerable and inspiring thing to do, and I love being there to support others along this journey. This is a perfect fit.

A little about my personal side

I like dancing, golfing, and snowboarding. I love studying and practicing karate, sharing dates with my husband, eating meals with my husband and the kids, celebrating life with my family and friends, and learning about new things. I love learning, about all kinds of things, but mostly about relationship and interaction, emotions, well-being, how the mind works and how we can work with the mind.

Some of my favorite things are hot air balloons, good coffee, great coffee shops, the smell of Colorado, motorcycles, cool old cars, hot springs and live music.

How I got here, kind of

I was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and moved to Colorado in 1997. I attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where I received my undergraduate degree in Human Communication. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but I loved exploring and understanding the subtleties of communication and how these play out in our relationships. I met my partner while attending UNC and have been falling in love with him ever since. We challenge and support one another and continue to provide a safe space from which to explore how to better care for ourselves and others in respectful and authentic ways. As a partner and step-parent I have been inspired to better understand my needs and emotions, to explore ways of communicating that respect someone else’s needs or differing perception while respecting my own, and to find ways to cope (and thrive) when experiences are out of my control. I look back and see that each of my experiences held the potential of one day helping me help others through the confusing and often frustrating waters of being in relationship, with themselves, with their partners and children, and with the wider community. I also humbly recognize that at the time, thinking that was hard, if not impossible, and understand and respect the challenge we all have of being in the difficult parts of our lives and the limited perspective this provides.

After college I studied the healing arts of Reiki and Healing Touch and spent several years as a private practitioner and teacher, gaining a deeper appreciation for our innate potential for healing and the potency of creating a loving relationship with ourselves and our lives. These experiences provided an entry into a life of service and helped me understand the depth of my desire to support others through moments of challenge. Buddhism also provided a framework for my desire to support myself and others, affirmed my beliefs in our natural state of health and goodness, and provided a practical way, through mindfulness and meditation, to strengthen self-awareness, self-compassion and a general appreciation for our shared human experience.

I attended Naropa University where I received my MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and participated in many remarkable experiences that continue to support my greater sense of compassion, connection, presence and service, as well as a direct understanding of the gift that our bodies provide for healing and transformation, and a deep commitment to a kind, genuine and helpful way of being. At Naropa I fell in love with Synergetic Play Therapy, which has provided incredible support for my ability to care for both myself and my clients and continues to inspire my work and my life. 


MA, Naropa University, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

BA, University of Northern Colorado, Human Communications

Expertise and Specialized Training:

Synergetic Play Therapy Certification Training

Martial Arts Training

Mindfulness Instructor Training

Reiki Training, Master Practitioner and Advanced Master Teacher Training


Private Practice, Genuine Heart Counseling, Longmont, CO

Contract Therapist, Play Therapy Institute of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Student Therapist, Play Therapy Institute of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Therapist Intern, Wholeness Center, Fort Collins, CO


My clinical work in play therapy is under the supervision of the following supervisor:

Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

My clinical work with adults in under the supervision of the following supervisor:

Kate Mazuy, MA, LPC, CHT

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