Genuine Heart Counseling, LLC

Areas of specialty / areas of interest

I work effectively with adults to address:

•Anxiety                                   •Family Conflict                       •Self-Esteem

•Coping Skills                          •Grief                                       •Spirituality

•Depression                             •Life Coaching                        •Step-parenting

•Divorce                                   •Parenting

•Emotional Disturbance           •Relationship Issues


I love supporting children as they find their source of strength and perspective and begin trusting the relationship they have with themselves.

The Synergetic Play Therapy model addresses:

•Aggression                      •Emotional regulation                •Nightmares

•ADHD/ADD                     •Empathy                                   •Self-Esteem

•Adoption                          •Fears                                        •Shyness

•Anxiety                             •Foster care                               •Withdrawal

•Behavioral Issues            •Grief


Of particular interest to me is working with individuals in blended families or with stepparents specifically.

I have been a stepparent for over 16 years, and from this experience, I find that divorce and new family dynamics bring forth unique circumstances, offering both challenges and rewards. With this perspective in mind, I strive to support blended families as they find their way through the ever-changing experience of nurturing a family.