Genuine Heart Counseling, LLC

For An Adult Client

The forms below support both of us during our time together. I realize that two of these are lengthy and appreciate the time you take in reading and filling these out.

Please click on the links below, print the forms, fill them out and bring them to our first session.

Informed Consent & Disclosure Statement

Includes information about my training and credentials, the limits of our relationship and your rights as a client

Statement of Fee Policy

Includes information about extra phone calls, auxiliary services, and emergencies, as well as scheduling and cancelations.

Client Information Form

Includes information about your present concerns, mental and medical health, self-care, and goals. This provides me with helpful information about your situation and provides you with a great opportunity to step out of your situation or at least take a different perspective and (perhaps) consider supportive aspects you may have forgotten about or started to take for granted.