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Martial Arts Support

I LOOOVE the Martial Arts.

I have been studying martial arts for the last many years. In addition to learning (hopefully never-needed) self-defense skills, it has become an awesome opportunity to meet amazing people, burn off steam and create a routine for supKenpo beltsporting stress reduction and fitness as well as helping me cultivate greater self-awareness.

I have also come to realize that parents often seek out martial arts training for their children for many of the same reasons they place their children in play therapy: to strengthen discipline, self-control, and respect for others as well as boost confidence, self-esteem and respect for self.

For these reasons I became interested in finding local dojos, kwoons and other training centers that I could offer as referrals for my adult clients as well as my child clients and their parents.

Each training center, instructor and style of martial art has a little different feel. Please take a look at the links provided for information about some of these centers. Information includes contact information, a brief description of the particular training center, some comments from their students and a direct link to their website.

  • Longmont Wing Chun Academy

    We believe the definition of high quality instruction means striking a balance between commitments to excellence and creating a nurturing environment that encourages each student to achieve their best. We have complete biographies of each instructor contained on the website; please take a look at the experience we have to offer. Find more information on our website at: