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Synergetic Play Therapy™
  • Lisa Dion, Founder of Play Therapy Institute of Colorado and Synergetic Play Therapy

Integrating Extremes: Aggression and Death in the Playroom

Parenting Playbook Blog 

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  • Synergetic Play Therapy™

Dion, L. Gray, K. (2014) Impact of therapist authentic expression on emotional tolerance in synergetic play therapy. International Journal of Play Therapy. 23(1), 55-63

Parenting Support with a Nervous System Orientation
  • Lisa Dion

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Parenting Playbook Blog

  • Daniel Siegel

Brain Storm

Parenting from the Inside Out

Whole Brain Child

Parenting Support
  • Howard Glasser & Jennifer Easley

All Children Thriving (formerly Transforming the Difficult Child) The Nurtured Heart Approach

  • Ilze Alberts

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