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Genuine Heart Counseling serves clients in Longmont, CO and surrounding areas by offering support and education for a multitude of life’s challenges. 

I imagine that if you are exploring my website then something is not feeling right, and I want to help you get back on track.

Perhaps it is the sinking hole of depression that seems to be expanding around you or feelings of anxiety that makes nearly everything seem overwhelming or unmanageable. Maybe it’s relationship stuff, or figuring out how to manage a family that keeps changing, or finding support as you cope with divorce or begin blending a family. Maybe it’s your child who seems to be having a challenging time managing strong emotions, taking redirection or is incredibly impulsive, aggressive or withdrawn.

What is a Genuine Heart Approach to Healing?

I believe that with the right tools, even in the midst of challenging situations life can feel manageable, and I am passionate about helping clients create this ease and confidence for their lives.

When we are in our bodies and in relationship with ourselves, we naturally have a greater capacity to handle whatever life brings us. 

I believe that with the help of our bodies and a little mindfulness and vulnerability, even the seemingly unworkable becomes manageable.

I am inspired to support others, and I have been most of my life. I am grateful for an opportunity to join you for a part of your healing journey. 

It is a genuine, heartfelt connection– with yourself and with me, so that you can find your way toward more genuine connection with all people in your life.

It’s about genuine, heartfelt expression– expression that comes from an honest, respectful place in your heart, that is connected with your true values and understands and appreciates the preciousness of the person you are relating with.

It is genuine transformation that comes from curiosity, friendliness, and compassion. It comes from embodying your transformation by exploring how your life, beliefs, decisions, and relationships are affecting you now, not just what it’s like to talk about it.

About Me

Supporting my work (and my life, really) in addition to my professional training in Gestalt Therapy, specialization in Synergetic Play Therapy, and training in Hand in Hand Parenting, are many years as a mindfulness practitioner, a passion for emotions, relationships and authentic expression, and the insights, inspirations, challenges and trust that emerge from the experiences of nearly 2 decades of marriage and step-parenting.


Sessions are an exploratory ground and a place of practice, for experiences such as: present-centered awareness, nervous system regulation, mindfulness, curiosity, vulnerability and playfulness. Through this exploration clients find that new possibilities emerge, as well as a wider perspective, greater authenticity, and more confidence for whatever life hands (or throws) them.

I offer a free 15 minute phone conversation to answer questions, dispel some of this initial anxiety and give you a chance to see if we might be a good fit. I also invite you to take a look around my website. It will give you a better sense of my style and therapeutic approach.

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Adult Counseling

Finding Center

I am passionate about helping clients get back in touch with the inherent qualities of strength patience and confidence when life feels like it has the upper hand or when stress, grief, resentments, anxiety, or depression seems to be overshadowing them.

With a kind, direct presence and my specialties in mindfulness and emotional regulation, I assist clients with integrating challenging thoughts and feelings, finding meaning in the midst of difficulty, and staying connected with themselves as a source of their strength.


Inherent Resilience

I believe that mindfulness holds the key for making new choices, understanding one’s needs and values, managing strong emotions, navigating life’s challenging experiences, and generally providing more satisfaction and gratitude overall. Mindfulness is part of all sessions, helping adults and children gain insight into thoughts and beliefs and to strengthen the resource of staying connected to one's self through body awareness.

Child Counseling

Synergetic Play Therapy

I am inspired by the healing wisdom in a child's world of play. I love joining children in this space and helping them connect with themselves, express themselves, and trust themselves. I love helping them learn how to manage the often confusing and overwhelming realm of feelings and helping them create a deeper sense of confidence and empathy. 

Children show us in many ways when they are feeling overwhelmed, unsafe or uncomfortable. SPT can help you make sense of this and help them feel better.

Parent Support

Connection Heals the Heart

I am passionate about helping families create more connection and have more fun. Working with me, we take the pressure off having to be perfect, as a parent or a family; find what’s already working; and learn about how your relationship with your child is the healing salve. Sessions are supported by my specialty in Synergetic Play Therapy, focusing on relationship, authenticity, attachment and attunement, and are further informed by my training in Hand in Hand Parenting.

Genuine Heart Counseling, LLC

Chandra Lontz-Smith, MA, LPC


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Longmont, CO, 80501

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