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It's vulnerable to be out here in the world. It's an amazing adventure with enlivening experiences of joy, love, inspiration and caring attention yet it's not easy at times or graceful.

Sometimes our direction just seems unclear. Sometimes there's a knowing inside and an inspiration that we're ready: to heal, to forgive, to ask for help, to better understand our boundaries or our values or our purpose. Sometimes an experience seems to come out of nowhere and completely overwhelm us. Or sometimes those very same experiences of love, inspiration and purpose begin to feel overwhelming, confusing, or stifling. Hopefully at these times, we know we can reach out to someone to help us through this. 


If you're looking through my website, I imagine you have a very personal story you could add to this explanation of the challenges of being human. You also seem to be one of those people ready to reach out. This is often the hardest step, so take some time to look through my website and find out a little about my approach, and then give me a call. Let's take a few minutes together over the phone and see if we might be a good fit. 

Sometimes we have to let life undo us.

The other side of that coin, however is that our hearts are meant to do this.

Our hearts are meant to metabolize our challenges, our pain and our grief as well as our joy and excitement.

They expand and contract, a natural ebb and flow,

both literally within our very chests and energetically.

This wisdom has probably been uttered by many

helpers and healers.

For me though, it came from two different mentors of mine,

during a time when I was unraveling, being undone.

The raw honesty of this, as well as the perspective it provided, has supported me both professionally and personally. 

Being offered these reminders at a hard and vulnerable time

simultaneously offered: ​


that I could just surrender to my pain, that I could stop trying so hard (to be okay, to get through it, to learn a lesson) and just fall apart; somehow that was actually going to be helpful


that my heart or my spirit or something in me knew how to handle this, and that even though I felt ripped apart, I could take it


that my messiness and my pain didn't scare someone away but brought them closer; and that somewhere in my hurt my heart opened up and brought me closer to others in pain

Please give me a call, or someone else if I'm not the right fit. Having a respectful, open and compassionate place and person to share with when life is feeling uncomfortable or overwhelming is important.

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