Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy helps to uncover hidden or fragmented aspects of ourselves in an effort to bring forth meaning, accountability and new perspective as well as a greater sense of agency and personal choice. 

As a natural consequence of being human and growing up in a particular family within a particular culture, we all have parts of ourselves that we have understood to be more or less desirable. We create a sense of identity based on this, and as a result, certain qualities of ourselves become 'disowned'. Parts of us and certain needs and preferences we deem undesirable or inappropriate exist at the edges of our awareness or are completely unconscious. 

The ways we found, earlier on in life, for ‘coping’ with challenges and the disowning of certain traits are actually brilliant ways of taking care of ourselves. These decisions, however, have also distanced us from our more authentic selves. Gestalt therapy assists clients in exploring these hidden ‘parts,’ needs, and impulses. Through this process a client begins recognizing the support these aspects have provided, or continue to provide in their lives, which naturally leads to a more integrated sense of self and an opportunity to begin expressing oneself in more honest and respectful ways.

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