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Sometimes the initial decision to reach out and ask for help is the

most difficult part.

Thank you for your interest. 

Please give me a call for a free 15 minute phone consultation 

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(970) 815-1366

Sometimes it's fears around who is going to be the best fit or what it’s going to be like talking with a stranger about difficult things. Sometimes it's worry about whether your challenges are going to be too much for someone, or maybe it's a fear that going into these challenges is going to be too much for you.

These are all good questions and ones that many people (and I am going to take a risk and say all people) experience to some degree or another. 

Please don’t let your fears, questions and uncertainty get in the way of your intention for change.

If you have found yourself limited by overwhelming emotions, perpetually negative thinking, challenging habitual patterns or are having a difficult time creating, managing or maintaining strong, satisfying relationship please call me today.

I believe we each hold answers and direction for our life’s most demanding experiences. Sometimes we just need a little external support and a safe space where we can slow down and gain some perspective.

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16 Mountain View Ave, Suite 112

Longmont, Co 80501

(970) 815-1366

You can reach me most directly at (970) 815-1366

I’m in the office and check this mailbox M, W, R and F and generally return calls within a 24-hour period.

If you need a suicide hotline, please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273- TALK (8255).

You will be connected with a trained crisis worker who will listen to your problems and will give you resources in your local area.

I am a member of the Holistic Wellness Center of Longmont

My office is located at 16 Mountain View Ave, Suite 112, Longmont, CO 80501

There are several doors on the outside of the building and one ‘main door’ under the sign in front.

Enter the main door and wait in the waiting room. My office is directly to your right. I will come get you when our appointment time begins.












There is also a small park nearly right next door, for contemplation before sessions, grounding and settling after sessions or play time with children while a sibling is in session.

Email me at support4you@genuineheartcounseling.com

or use the form above.

Although I check my email most days a week. If you need to reach me quickly or are in need of a response right away, please note your best bet to get ahold of me is by phone (970) 815-1366.

Genuine Heart Counseling is on Facebook (sometimes)

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Offices share a large, convenient, 

off-the-street parking lot.

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Chandra Lontz-Smith, MA, LPC


16 Mountain View Ave, Suite 112

Longmont, CO, 80501

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