My Approach to Therapy

My approach is about connection and compassion

It’s about empathy and a sense of joining together. It's about vulnerability and playfulness. It's about exploration. I utilize my training in psychology, neuroscience, attachment and mindfulness to support my clients, but more than anything, it’s my experiences as a fellow human being that allow me to be most supportive.

I am open for questions, always

It is essential that this relationship feel safe for you, so understanding what I am doing is important. As well, I invite you to utilize this relationship as a way to explore new ways of relating to your world. Asking for what you need, establishing more overt boundaries, saying no and/or trusting in another person and saying yes may all be aspects of your journey that are worthy of investigation. Please know that I am open and inspired by this exploration.

I practice psychotherapy because it is the most amazing thing I can think of to do with my life. I love the experience of being there for others as they become more familiar with who they are and more comfortable managing all the facets of what it means to be human.


As a therapist I aspire to be present for people in a kind, direct and intentional way, such that both our lives can move in the direction of growth and a more genuine way of being. 


For as long as I can remember I have been inspired by being with people and compelled to better understand human behavior and relational dynamics. I find that being alive, and therefore in relationship, is the hardest, most rewarding, scariest, most vulnerable and inspiring thing to do, and I love being there to support others along this journey.

This is a perfect fit.

I am inspired to help others with...



Coping skills

Emotional Disturbance


Life Coaching


Relationship Challenges






Behavioral Outbursts

Emotional Regulation











Areas of Influence for My Approach

I earned my master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and am a certified Synergetic Play Therapist and mindfulness instructor. I am also trained in Hand in Hand Parenting. 

As a therapist, my approach draws on psychological training in coping skills, self-care, development, attachment, attunement, authenticity and emotional regulation, as well as a strong passion for families, years of studying and practicing mindfulness and dharma, and years of personal experience as a partner and step-parent, as well as the complexities that just come with being a member of a family. In addition to this, I have become passionate about learning to manage strong emotions, partly because I see the challenge of this in the clients I work with, particularly the children, and also because of the pervasiveness and impact of them in my own life.   

Whether it is with the families I am working with in play therapy or the individual adults in my office, I incorporate gentleness and kind attentive listening as well as education on: managing strong emotions (personally or in one’s self and their child(ren), strengthening relationships through authenticity, managing stress with the help of the nervous system, and the importance of self-care, mindfulness, congruency, playfulness and attunement.

As a Buddhist practitioner since 2005 I rely on the teachings of friendliness, non-aggression, impermanence, non-attachment, and the understanding that we are all wise and healthy at our core, along with mindfulness practices and meditation to support me in my own life as well as my work with clients. It is important to note that mindfulness and meditation are used for the purpose of self-reflection, self-awareness, orientation, and regulation. Religious/spiritual exploration is initiated by a client if they so choose. My office is a safe space for a person with any religious background.

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