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I am passionate about helping families create a culture in their home and an experience among members that feels good for everyone.

I believe that everyone's needs and values deserve a place within a family and deserve to be respected... even when they contradict each other,

and that by being in relationship, firstly with ourselves and then with our children, that big feelings become manageable and that challenges within families become opportunities for connection and collaboration.

As parents we all have areas of strength and areas that are harder for us to implement, harder for us to maintain or even just harder for us to see.


My hope is to help you better understand both you and your child's inner world, as well as create a deeper connection with them, so you both can feel confident in your relationship and so that behaviors can begin to feel more manageable. 

One of the most important supports you can offer your child, no matter what the situation is, is your ability to be with them in their experience, to let them know that you get them (even if you don't agree). Knowing that you are there, and that the relationship is safe, is essential.


I use Synergetic Play Therapy, mindfulness and research and experience on attachment, relationship and regulation to help parents better understand and care for themselves and their children.

I also utilize Hand in Hand Parenting to support parents and children in my practice. This approach has been working to strengthen connection and playfulness among family members for 30 years. I am excited to offer this resource here.


My work with parents (as well as with my kiddo clients and adults) includes education and exploration on topics such as mindfulness, validation, authenticity, regulation, safety, connection, self-care, playfulness, attunement and attachment. 

Parent Support in Conjunction with Play Therapy

Families that are working with me through play therapy get support after each session.

These consults are to help parents understand some of the feelings and/or themes that are emerging with their child as well as an opportunity to discuss challenges and successes emerging at home.

We have a little time to learn some new skills and discuss new perspectives, but this is only a 10-15 minute session. 

Independent Parent Support Sessions

Parent coaching sessions are specifically for parents.

This might be something a family engages in without play therapy to learn skills on their own to employ at home, or something added to the brief check-ins included with play therapy, either a separate session each week or once per month.

These sessions are 50 minutes and paid at the general hourly rate.

Parent Classes

Parent classes provide a format that allows parents to meet in a group setting with other parents.


Parents learn new skills, practice listening and tuning in to themselves and others, celebrate successes in their homes and those of the other members and discuss parenting challenges and express some of the hard feelings and thoughts that deserve our care yet often don't get the attention. 

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